Meet the Coach

Welcome! I’m Barb Wittwer, mother of 8 amazing children and grandmother of 34 of the cutest kids ever.

Good health and natural healing is my passion. 25 years ago I began studying, learning and teaching holistic wellness.  During much of this time, I was overweight in spite of what I thought were good health practices and regular exercise. Nothing seemed to work.  It wasn’t until 3 1/2 years ago I finally figured out why I wasn’t losing weight. I  was finally able to focus on my life instead of being obsessed with my crazy diet rollercoaster. This program wasn’t expensive.  In fact it was free. It was sustainable.  I love my life and I love my food. I eat REAL FOOD.  I had spent thousands on my previous diets. Nothing worked long term.

Be Your Own Coach

My goal is to teach you how to have a healthy lifestyle and how to have it for life.  Something that you can teach your children and grandchildren.  I want to teach you how to be the “Best Life Coach” you will ever have.  I love helping others, it makes me feel good is why I do it.

Let me show you some of the amazing simple things that made losing 81pounds and keeping it off possible. Ridding myself of bad habits that were sabotaging my life was an added bonus. Learning how to manage my thoughts and feelings so I don’t eat emotionally.

I am a huge fan of YNAB, a budgeting program that changes lives, and heavily reliant on a Heavenly Father that loves and helps all of his children, regardless of status or color.

I would be honored to be your life and health coach. I would love to assist you in achieving your best self. Let’s get Started! ~ Barb

Certification & Education

Barb received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.

She has studied health planning and wellness at UNLV & BYUI along with numerous years of Byron Katie classes & workshops. After 2 years of facilitating 12 step addiction recovery programs and participating in Food addicts Anonymous for nearly 4 years she can assist you in recovery if that is one of your problems.

She is a certified aromatherapist and a certified health coach.  She has also led many Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom courses for her community.

Personalized Consultations

Need some extra assistance in achieving your health goals, knowing what to eat, when to eat it, or how to shop for quality foods? I offer a variety of one-on-one wellness solutions for those seeking a personalized guide to better health.

Let's get together!

Contact me to learn how easy it can be to avoid nutrition related diseases, improve learning and behavior, control weight, increase energy levels, prepare healthy snacks/food, and more!

Let’s Work Together

We begin with a complimentary meeting online or in person to discover how my 12 step process will give you the Results you want.

12 Questions

1. What are your Dreams and Intentions?
2. What are your obstacles?
3. What are your Sabotage’s?
4. What Strategies will work for you?
5. What Actions are needed?
6. What is your Timeline?
7. What are your strengths?
8. What have you Achieved in the past?
9. Managing Thought patterns?
10. Getting Results
11. Sharing means caring
12. Making health your hobby.

LET’S SCHEDULE TODAY — (801) 694-5232

Guide to Buying Organic

This free guide makes shopping for produce a breeze!

Change the Channel, Empower your Brain!

Change the Channel, Empower your Brain!

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Foods that you found distasteful in the past, could add so much fabulous fuel for your body and mind. Trying different ways to prepare them, you will discover that they can taste wonderful. You will soon find your body craving healthy foods. I find that looking for...


In the path of our goals there are obstacles that challenge our effort to move forward. Barbara has been a guide to help find solutions for many of my life’s challenges and differences.  Her positive attitude and ideas have helped me to ease my anger and look at life from a different perspective. She shows through her words and actions that the purpose of life is to LIVE it. The recipes, cooking advice, and introduction to new foods that she shares with me, have made my food choices more positive and healthier. The ideas for exercise and little reminders to stay fit to feel good are just enough to get me moving again. The advice for natural remedies for the little pains in life has made me be conscious of what we are putting in our bodies that affect our quality of life. In turn, this has also made my family happier and healthier. Barb is a strong coach for the choices I have made for myself and my family.  She instills her own advice into her life and continues to take classes and educate herself on ways to have better quality of life, for herself and everyone she meets.  I have seen that her life thrives when she sees other people happy and healthy. Barbara has made my life a lot more positive and a little less challenging. Thank You Barb!

~Amanda Gleason

Barb is amazing. She is courageous enough to have made significant changes in her life to improve her health. She is caring and loving. Barb also is always learning and takes on new challenges. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. I am thankful for the impact she has had in my life and her encouragement to me in reaching out and learning new things.

~Janet Craven

Barb is one of those rare people who was truly born to be a coach and teacher. Barb learned my goals and then quickly saw how to leverage my strengths and weaknesses to help me accomplish them. She is so effective because she keeps me focused and excited about the journey—not just the end result.

~Nena Caviness

I could immediately tell with working with Barb, that she is passionate about Health Coaching. She opened my eyes to so many hidden “health food” claims to easily explain what it is I am putting in my body. With all of the information coming at me from so many angles on what is healthy and what is not, Barb took it back to the basics, and with an honest approach, cleared up the confusion. I would recommend anyone work with Barb who wants to re-examine their definition of health, and truly get answers.

~Paula McKinnon

Barb is an example not only to me but others that know her.  She has been an inspiration to me to lose weight and make changes in my life to improve my health. She is knowledgeable and shares her information with others.  Thanks to her I am on a new path to a healthy and longer life.

~Joyce Elfors

I’ve known Barb for over 10 years. To know Barb is to love her! Barb is a go-getter! She is amazing at learning and figuring out the best way to do something. She loves sharing her knowledge with others. I have learned so much from her about health and how to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I admire her work ethic and her love for others.

~Jalaine Black

I have been so impressed with the things Barb shares in her coaching classes. I went to one of her classes on healthy eating and she really open my eyes to the harmful ingredients to look for in many of our processed foods. Since that time I have been able to be aware of better choices that truly helps me be healthier. She is a wealth of information on many health issues and ways to work according to individual need. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to take two of her classes. I will be looking for more.

~Denise Bunyard

After you have your first meeting with Barbara, you will never be the same! Barb has a unique way of tackling the most demanding challenges you’ll face in life. Her approach to Health and Fitness and the body is unique. She works with your whole self, not just food and exercise. Trust me; this will be the best decision you ever make!!

~Summer Cox