My children’s father loved Christmas. He made it magical for the kids. He watched the Christmas shows with them, he scheduled time to go see the lights often. Temple square lights were a tradition.
He had them circle the advertisements with their hopes. He got his great love for Christmas from his adorable mom. She would invite the kids in to help her decorate the little white Christmas tree, while she would bake delectable treats.
They were experts & knew how to capture the magic of Christmas. It wasn’t the gifts, but the excitement of kindness, togetherness, music, and magic.
We had quite a few Christmas traditions with our children. Eggnog toasts with a hidden walnut in the goblet on Christmas eve to see who would win the honor of handing out the Christmas gifts, and decorating gingerbread houses with graham crackers contest were some of my favorites.
Putting out a toy they received the year before to show Santa what great stewards they were, was another one.
It has been fun to see our children carry these traditions into their families, and now our older grandchildren are doing them with their children.
Remembering the Reason for the Season is the real magic.
Celebrating the King of kindness and love.
Seeing who we can surprise with kindness and love with no recognition.
Sharing traditions is such a fun way to get new ideas to start your own traditions.
What are some of your favorite traditions?