Does traffic, money, contention, relationships, lies, weather, change, cause you anxiety, pain, hurt, or anger?
What would you say if I told you NONE of those things have that power. They are optional. They are just thoughts.
Only your thoughts can create those feelings in you. Because we have agency, we are 100% responsible for our thoughts. 
Your brain is powerful, and you have the power to direct that brain. You can create anything with that power. Just simply change the channel. Change it to a calmer channel, a more empowered channel.
You don’t have to get rid of the other channel, just don’t tune in to it as often.
This is a skill that takes practice. You must learn to redirect those painful disempowering thoughts when they come into play.
They direct your whole life. Why wouldn’t this be one of the first skills you want to learn how to master?
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