This was me 91lbs ago. 
I was miserably overweight. I didn’t feel good. I was at the end of my rope. Nothing worked. I felt like a failure at the stewardship that was so important to me, taking care of my miraculous body!
I remember exactly how I felt at this moment in the hammock.  I had a good share of my 36 grandchildren all around me, and all I wanted to do was stay in this hammock!
The Part of me that didn’t ache and was so tired, wanted to run around and play with them, after all by this picture I had lost about 20 lbs, and I didn’t ache as bad as I used to, but it was still a struggle and a lot of effort lugging around that extra weight.  I did force myself to move, and it was a very fun day with my amazing kids and grandkids.
Then I finally figured it out, with help from my higher power.
I had been making it so hard. It didn’t have to be.  Now it is so much easier.  I can hike and camp, swim and play.  I have more energy than they do. 
I have Solutions, a lot of Solutions…
Help is as easy as asking,  if you are still in need and willing to look at NEW possibilities.  Don’t feel hopeless.
I’ve got Solutions, a lot of Solutions!
Learning new things is my passion, I loved learning how to get out of debt, how to manage my emotions, how to manage a household while working full time and relationships better, how to be a fabulous steward to my body… I’ve learned a lot of things that don’t work.  I’ve been where you are and made the same kind of messes you are making in your life; maybe.  
Maybe some of them will work for you as they did for me!
I love helping people, I love brainstorming ideas that work, I love teaching others.
Are you overwhelmed with a messy house? Are you tired of the stress of debt? Are you tired of poor health? Are you tired of being tired? Do you need to get healthier? Do you suffer from Anxiety? I’m Grandma Barb, and together we’ve got this.
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