How Powerful are Our Thoughts?
Many years ago, I was coming home after a 12 hour day at my store in Park City. My shop was an hour long commute from home. My thoughts, on this particularly hard day found were in overwhelm and dread that was sending me into a tailspin. With still a herd of kids at home that desperately needed my attention, I knew the house was going to be mess, dinner needed fixing and I was exhausted from being on my feet all day. My husband had been in a accident the week before and totaled our new to us car, so we were short a vehicle until the insurance okayed a rental. Quarterly taxes were due the next day and I had to complete that before I left for work the next morning.

Arriving home I went in and laid on my office floor and thought “I’m so overwhelmed! I didn’t know where to start”. Not one ounce of energy was left in me. At that exact moment the phone rang. It was the insurance adjuster. He told me he had finished our claim and we were getting $xx.00 amount of dollars! Wow! It was four times the amount we had expected. Our Car was worth way more than we had planned. I was ecstatic and not 1 thing in my life had changed. My financial situation was exactly the same, I didn’t have one Penny more than I did the previous minute. All I had was a hope, a possibility or a thought of more. IT, my thought was the only thing that changed…. Suddenly I was a ball of energy with no despair.


IT, our thoughts, are Generated by an incident in our life that generally we have no control over.  It, this random thought that may or may not be true, but either way IT can take you far.  From one end of the emotion spectrum, pure joy, to the other complete opposite, despair.

                                                                                                    SUPER POWER FORMULA Let’s examine this crazy super power I: INCIDENT generates a T: THOUGHT generates our F: FEELINGS or emotions fuel our A: ACTIONS which generates our R: RESULTS which re-enforces our thought & gives us what we asked for, whether we realized it or not. CHOICES

The ironic thing about it is, it’s all A CHOICE. How can we stop a simple thing like a thought? One so powerful it will make or break your day, life or relationships? “Emotions or feelings are nothing but a thought attached to a sensation. When you shift your attention from the thought to the sensations it generated, you dissipate the strength of the emotion, because thought and sensation are no longer chained together. ~ Deepak Chopra, MD   Another technique is asking yourself one simple question? ” Is that thought empowering me to be my best self?” If not, question it and pick another thought… A more empowering one. You get to choose your thoughts.


I could have offered my brain a more empowering thought on that ride home. There was the option of changing my question to ” What if that isn’t true? What if I just go home and have a relaxing bath?”.  I didn’t have to experience that miserable hour-long commute home with my thoughts and feelings. Thoughts are not always true, question them. Choose which direction your thoughts take you.. joy or despair? It’s up to you.


Need some help grasping this amazing formula? “IT FAR”  Let me help. Contact me for a free 30 min consultation. Don’t be a victim of life’s incidences.  Learn to “Love what is!” My favorite expression from one of my mentors Byron Katie of “The Work of Bryon Katie”.