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Celebration Journal

This lovely softcover book, with a protective plastic cover, has a convenient spiral binding for easy writing.

Floral designed lined pages with writing prompts make it inviting for you to write the perfect message.

Instead of buying expensive cards that often don’t have the sentiment that is right for your loved one you will write a  customized note for each holiday and special occasion you want to celebrate.

The lovely affirmations throughout along with each of your own sentiments will create a family treasure for you to look back on for decades.

Great gift idea for any occasion and the perfect wedding gift.


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Price: $19.99

Shipping and handling are additional.

Customized Photo for Cover $8.00

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Empower Your Brain

Learn how to manage your thoughts to create the life you have dreamed of. Anxiety, stress, anger & hopelessness is optional. You don’t have to accept them as normal parts of your life. This life-saving formula will help you fast-track your thinking to improve the quality of your life, regardless of what life throws at you.

Price: $19.99

Amazing Habits

What part of your life needs to change… Did you know the quickest way to do that is through creating habits that are going to serve you in that are. Put your growth on autopilot with the tool your brain loves best. Habits.

Price: $19.99

Move Waste from your Waist

Not all fat is created equal! Some fats serve your body, others are toxic. Find out how to tell which you are dealing with and what to do about it.
Knowledge is power. Having the WHY makes it so much easier to do the HOW. You will have a toolbox full of practical ways to melt that fat away.

Price: $19.99

The formula for Success that works, Magical thoughts

There is a simple formula that will stop you in your tracks when you are headed down a road driven by thoughts that are not empowering you in your life. Learn how to use the power of this powerful acronym. Your future self will thank you. It is more than the power of positive thinking. It is a science-based workshop that will take your thinking to levels you never dreamed were possible.

Price: $19.99

Financial Peace Now

This powerful class is foundational and covers information from Dave Ramsey, Self Reliance Programs and other amazing finance experts. Tried and true, this was the magic bullet that created my debt free life.

Price: $19.99

The LEAN Health Series, 4 workshops

The LEAN series covers all 4 areas of your life, Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, & Nutrition. Finally a way for you to find balance and peace in your life. You will also get a private coaching session to help you customize and implement your plan.

Price: $49.00

IMPOSSIBILITIES, how to make them your reality

What if I told you your wildest dream was a possibility? What if I showed you the way to. make it your reality. I help you identify the roadblocks you have been. facing and how to overcome them. My Favorite Workshop…

Price: $19.99